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Pro Ana

Pro Ana


Pro Ana is the short form for the scientific world Anorexia Nervosa. It is basically about the persons who suffer from eating disorders. It is kind of a disease which is relevant these days because everyone wants to be thin. People suffering from this disease think that people will love them more if they are thinner. Their main agenda in life is to just be skinny. It requires a lot of determination and dedication to maintain this kind of lifestyle. These people liked to be called Anas or Rexies.

Rules to be followed by a Pro Ana are

•             They set a weight goal and maintain a list of food which can’t be eaten by them until they achieve the goal. They also stick posters of other skinny people all around the room and by seeing them they get motivated and they move towards their goal faster.

•             Rexies got to set a target weight which should always be less than the BMI weight suggested for them before they start. They set an achievable target for each week which they have to attain. They check weight every morning and if it’s more than the previous day they diet accordingly.

•             Anas always keep calorie count that is for whatever food they are consuming them first the calorie check of it through various applications. The main idea behind this is that the calorie intake should always be lesser than the number of calories they are burning via exercise and other activities.

•             Anas use various weight loss supplements. One such supplement is PhenQ. It has benefits of several supplements combined into one. The main job of these supplements is that they suppress your hunger and that in turn helps these Anas in eating less quantity of food.

•             Reviews don’t skip breakfast because it helps them avoid junking the rest of the day. Once you are full you avoid eating junk snacks every now and then.

•             They encourage Purging. Purging is also a disorder scientific term for which is Bulimia Nervosa. This basically means first eating a large quantity of food and then taking it out of the body by vomiting deliberately so that it doesn’t affect the calorie count. Recipes use laxatives to purge and take out everything out of the system before the body digests it.

•             Anas prefer water over food. If apart their routine fixed diet they feel hungry they prefer drinking water instead of having food. Also, they suppress their hunger by drinking tea or coffee.

•             The tea and coffee which these people drink should be black and preferably no sugar or very less sugar. Milk and sugar obviously affect calories so they are restricted. Also, they keep drinking lemon water several times a day.


In the beginning, it all looks very green. But as you go deeper in this, this becomes very dangerous and fatal. But at that stage, it becomes very difficult for the person to come out of it. They generate the obsession of thinner and skinny bodies. They have their own mindset that if they will not lose weight they will not be likable and nobody will love them.


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